Embroidery Atelier – Visions & Passions  invites readers into the fascinating creative world of a contemporary embroiderer. Sue Rangeley shares the secrets of her studio life through her artistic passions and visionary textiles.

Michael Wicks’ beautiful photographs capture the perfectly exquisite craftsmanship and artistic essence of Sue Rangeley’s original creations.

Sue Rangeley

In 1976 Sue Rangeley entered Vogue House in Mayfair, London, with a collection of embroidered bags and waistcoats, a memorable event which marked the start
of her professional career. One famous ‘Waterlily’ waistcoat launched an order for one hundred silk appliqué jackets for the designer Bill Gibb in 1977! The Victoria & Albert Museum, London, holds in their Textile & Fashion Collection, an evening jacket, embroidered by Sue for Bill Gibb couture.

‘Stitch has the power to stir emotions, inspire dreams and conjure a little magic.’

Sue Rangeley, Embroidered Originals